Rabbit Foster Form

We require those who want to foster that they have already researched about bunnies and have the basic knowledge on their proper care.

If we’re okay with your answers to the form, we will set up a Zoom call to ask further questions. Once we’ve approved your request to foster, we will add you to our Rabbit Foster group in Facebook and pair you with a bunny to foster.

If you’re okay with our process, please fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you in 1 to 2 days.

For any questions or clarifications, you may email us at hello@fuzzybunny.ph



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    How many bunnies do you have?

    Is/are your bunny/bunnies spayed/neutered?

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    Please be as detailed with your answers as much as possible but do use your own words (pwedeng tagalog).
    Please answer the questions in no less than 140 characters unless stated otherwise.

    1. What got you interested in bunnies?


    2. Do you have any known allergies that could be an issue when caring for a bunny (dander/pollen/grass)?


    3. What was your family members/house mates/kasambahay/landlord/building administration reaction about your plans on fostering a rabbit(s)? Do they agree to this?


    4. Can you tell us about the proper diet for bunnies? What food do you plan to provide and where will you be getting these? Please be specific with this (brand/store/variant/etc)


    5. What sort of cage/housing do you plan to provide for the bunny? please share a photo where the bunny will be staying. You may share a link of your planned setup.


    Image of the set up (REQUIRED):

    6. Did you have bunnies or other pets prior to fostering?


    Did they have any illnesses? How did you cope with it?

    7. Below are 3 common sickness of bunnies. Explain in your own words (a) what these are, (b) how you can prevent it from happening to your bunny, and (c) what you should do to cure these.
    (Please answer in no less than 200 characters per field)

    Gastrointestinal Stasis (GI Stasis)


    Burrowing Mites

    8. Whats the name of your exotic vet?

    9. What are the benefits of neutering/spaying?