Exotic Rabbit Vets in the Philippines

If you are within Metro Manila or in nearby provinces, we highly suggest to go to these vets as they are the only few tried and trusted rabbit-savvy vets in Metro Manila.

Our personal go-to rabbit vets are:

If by any chance they are not available, you may go also look for one of these vets:

All of the vets mentioned above are knowledgeable with bunnies and have successfully performed surgical procedures (eg. spay or castration) on bunnies. Please remember to set an appointment before going.

If you are outside Metro Manila the map below is a list of vets who have treated rabbits based on suggestions from other rabbit caregivers in the Philippines or from our local vets.

Select the top left icon on the map to see the full list of vets.

Green bunnies are those who we recommend while yellow bunnies are not exotic vets but can cater to bunnies with small issues

If you would want to add your exotic vet here, please email hello@fuzzybunny.ph