Adopting a Pet Bunny in the Philippines

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Read up on the best ways
to keep your bunny happy,
healthy, and safe!

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your new bunny should know
about you

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Prepare your home
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To take care of a bunny,
you’ll need a designated area for
to live, proper supplies,
and first aid medications.

Set a meet-up
with your bunny's
current caregiver

It’s time to pick up
your bunny!

Bring home your new bunny!

Enjoy your new life as a fur parent!
  • We do not charge any adoption fees.
  • Adopted bunnies must be taken to the vet for checkup immediately upon claiming.
  • If you currently have a bunny/bunnies, please note that we require them to be spayed/neutered prior to adopting to avoid any territorial behavior or accidental litters.

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