Bert’s Special Neuter Fund (undescended testicle)

 16,425.31 raised

GOAL:  17,000.00

A few weeks ago, someone saw this bunny in a village in Cupang, Muntinlupa and found out from the village guard that the owners practically left this little one out there because “Hindi na pwede sa loob ng bahay nila dahil mabalahibo bawal daw sa bata” (bunny cannot stay inside the house anymore because s/he is furry to be around the kid).

Unfortunately, the one who took the photo couldn’t take the bunny with them so s/he was still out there for another day.

The following night, upon entering the village where the stray bunny was seen, the village guard, Kuya Albert, asked us where we were going. When he learned we were going to rescue the bunny, he brought us to him and helped us catch him!

Bunny didn’t like the hay shreds we brought and he knew that we were going to get him so he kept running away and hiding behind bushes. Kuya Albert finally got him after about 15mins of us running around.

On our way home, we tried to offer bunny some water and hay treats but would just ignore it. He did take some bene-bac which was good. He was a big bunny, like chonky big, but we could easy feel his spine. Tried to check his gender and he had one and a half balls. Not sure why one ball was bigger than the other, but it was.

The most noticeable thing he had was a lot of matted fur. We tried to trim as much as we can but some were too close to his skin. It's also possible that he has an ear infection since one ear is down.

We decided to name him Bert Valley, after Kuya Albert and the street where he was found.

During Bert's initial check up, vet noticed that one of his ears is down, but was unsure yet why, a lot of matted fur, and FLEAS! Yes, bert had fleas, so he was treated with Revolution.

Upon checking his genetals, vet noticed he only had one ball! We thought one was just hidden but it's undecended. Which means, his neuter will cost more.

We also requested for CBC and blood chem and found out that he's anemic and has high liver values. Which makes sense since he's been living on the street and doesn't like hay that much.

Bert was given supplements for his liver, iron, fur, as well as for deworming.

Two weeks later, Bert had a follow up checkup. He had some mushy poop a few days prior and was emitting some foul smell, which we thought was from his dirty booty. So the vet got a sample of his poop for a fecalysis, luckily his poop is normal! Vet said it's possible that the smell is from his scent glands and is just marking his territory, all the more reason to get him fixed already

We also asked help in cleaning his dirty booty so they have him a butt bath! He's so much cleaner now even if we've been brushing, trimming, shaving all his dirty matted fur!

Bert still has a bit of mites left so he has to be given Selemectin this week (treatment for mites and fleas has to be two weeks apart).

Good news is we got the go signal that Bert can get neutered in two weeks!

But we will need your help, because of Bert's undescended testicle, his procedure will cost so much more. The quote that the vet gave us is Php17,000+ That price would include his blood work, the surgery, and his post medication. And thanks to those who have donated so far, we have already raised 40% for his procedure!

Once we get Bert neutered and has fully recovered, he will be up for adoption!

If you're curious to see how Bert's genetals look, click here. If you're not comfortable seeing an animal's genetals, you may skip the link.

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